Do You Really Know,
What To Consider
Before A Hair Transplant?

If you want to get the best possible final result with an autologous hair transplant, there are essential pieces of advice to follow before hair transplantation. We summarized how to find suitable specialists for hair implantation and provided you with crucial tips for preparation. Here we address the recommended lifestyle and always advise contacting your hair specialist for specific questions in individual cases.

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Things to consider before hair transplantation: finding your expert

While you are looking for competent experts for hair transplantation, the following decision-making items should be considered:

Learn More By Researching On The Internet

Suppose no one in your circle of acquaintances has had experience with hair implantation, and word of mouth does not provide you with any information. In that case, you can quickly find a large selection of hair clinics on the Internet by using the appropriate search terms.

Read Testimonials And Reviews From Other Patients

Hair transplantation is an emotional experience for patients. Many people report their own experiences in detail on the Internet or social media. Authentic reports give you an impression of the competence of hair clinics and positive results. In addition, former patients are happy to give advice on what to consider before a hair transplant. Before and after reports with pictures and videos give you a remarkably realistic insight.

Arranging Free Initial Consultations

Many hair clinics offer you the chance to arrange a free initial consultation. Here you can meet experts and also ask all your questions. When general information about hair transplantation is insufficient, a specific consultation about your own case will facilitate making your decision.

Objective Comparisons With Cost Proposals

Protect yourself from cost traps with concrete price proposals of the providers.
Top hair clinics will be pleased to provide you with reliable information on the costs of hair implantation using various methods. With complete packages, you benefit from setting transparent financial framework.

Healthy Lifestyle As The Be-All And End-All

Because a healthy lifestyle is literally the be-all and end-all in the run-up to hair transplantation, the following are some of the tips to keep in mind before hair transplantation:

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Quit Smoking at an Early Stage

Nicotine consumption endangers wound healing and the smooth process of hair transplantation.

Weeping and bleeding occur more frequently during hair transplantation in smokers than in non-smokers. This significantly prolongs the time of the operation. Extarcted hair follicles are therefore outside the body longer than initially intended. This can affect the growth rate.

At least in the last two days before the hair transplant smoking must remain an absolute no-no The earlier you give up this unhealthy habit, the more your chances of convincing and aesthetic results of hair implantation will increase.

No Alcohol At Least One Week Before Hair Transplantation

Smoking should remain an absolute no-no for at least the last two days before hair transplantation. The sooner you give up unhealthy habits, the better the chances of perfect results will be.

As soon as the scalp starts bleeding slightly when placing the small canals for the hair to be transplanted, the previous alcohol consumption could cause complications.

Unavoidable pain in the course of the hair transplantation is also a conceivable consequence of alcohol consumption.

Determining he dosage of an anesthetic is hard for specialists after a patient has simply concealed the alcohol consumption during the preliminary consultation. The dishonesty can then cause side effects.

Medicine avoidance with side effects

Proper handling of medications is imperative before hair transplantation due to potential side effects. As long as you are healthy and do not necessarily need certain pills, avoiding problematic medications before the procedure is without alternative.

If your family doctor prescribes you medication permanently, you should clarify the necessity and the influence on hair implantation with all medical professionals involved. For example, anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning medications pose a serious risk within the last two weeks before your hair transplant.

Before taking any medication in the run-up to the operation, be sure to consult with the specialist team treating you.

Balanced and Healthy Diet for Nutrient Supply

Before the hair transplant, a balanced and healthy diet also plays a crucial role. An adequate supply of nutrients and minerals to your body is essential.

This is especially noteworthy if a nutrient deficiency has previously led to hair loss. Certain herbs and plants with blood-thinning effects, in turn, must not be on the menu under any circumstances.

On the day of treatment, it is also advisable to avoid caffeinated beverages for a short time.

Special Protection of the Scalp Before Hair Implantation

It is very important that you exclude injuries and impairments of the scalp as much as possible in the weeks before your own hair transplantation with extraordinary caution.

For example, you should refrain from activities with the risk of head bumps. Experts also recommend avoiding direct sunlight on the scalp during the preparation phase.

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Preparing As Ideal As Possible Through Good Research

While you want to be as ideally prepared as possible for hair transplants, good research is the key to success.

This will help you find much specific information to consider for your individual case before hair transplantation. If long texts seem confusing, videos may also be very useful in clarifying the unanswered questions.

Then, a look at the YouTube channel of Bank of Hair is particularly worthwhile.

Clarification of the Last Questions with the Hair Specialists

General information will never give you all the facts to consider before hair transplantation. Your personal history, health condition, and the extent of your hair transplant will significantly influence the ideal preparation.

If you notice any unusual symptoms or concerns arise, you must not simply ignore issues.

Competent hair specialists can address your specific individual case in detail and provide you with beneficial information. At Bank of Hair, the 24/7 patient service is available to you for this purpose.

Conclusion: Excellent Preparation As A Chance For Excellent Results.

Numerous facts and tips are essential for all patients to consider before undergoing hair transplantation. When searching for a hair clinic, various sources on the internet, free initial consultations, and reliable cost suggestions will help you decisively.

In addition, during the preparation period, it is crucial that you create the conditions for successful hair transplantation with a healthy lifestyle.

Smoking and alcohol remain an absolute no-no untill the final phase, while at the same time, a balanced diet and protection of the scalp are indispensable.

In necessary consultations for your individual case, there is also an opportunity to talk about the risks of medications and other specifics before hair transplantation.



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