Main FAQ Schedule the operation in Turkey despite Corona or rather not?

Schedule the operation in Turkey despite Corona or rather not?

It depends on how large the bald spots are and how many grafts can be removed and transplanted. Generally, you will have the perfect end result after a hair transplant. Of course, if the affected areas are large, a second transplant may be necessary to get the perfect end result and conjure up natural hair.

Does the sun influence the healing process after the procedure?

As the scalp is very sensitive after transplantation and during the healing process, the sun has a very big influence on the healing process.

Whether during the removal of the hair follicles in the donor area or during the transplantation in the recipient area, minimal wounds occur. Since these wounds are very close to each other, it can be assumed that it is a large wound.

If the transplanted area is exposed to early and strong UV rays, the following complications may occur:

Healing process is weakened by sunburn
Impairment of the transplanted grafts
Too much sweating under the sun can lead to softening of the protective crusts.
Grafts become severely damaged

If the transplanted area is left under direct UV rays, this can lead to sunburn on the head. Sunburn on the head can have very serious complications. One of the complications is inflammation. The inflammation can destroy the grafts and negatively affect the final result.

It can also lead to pigmentation disorders on the scalp. The consequences have a long-term effect and can affect repeated hair loss.



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