Hair Transplant Costs

As the team of Bank of Hair, we place a very high value on honesty. We aim to provide patient-oriented sums and thus to maintain patient satisfaction. A patient needs to know from which costs the sum of the hair transplant is formed.

Hair Transplant Costs At Bank Of Hair

One of the most important criteria for calculating the sum of the transplant cost is the number of grafts used in the transplantation. The more grafts needed, the higher the amount will be.

In order to calculate how much you will have to pay in advance, it is enough to send us pictures of your hair condition. As soon as our experts analyze the photos, we will send you a non-binding offer. Of course, you can decide whether you want the hair transplant to be performed in Istanbul or Hanover.

Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey

Hair Transplant costs in Turkey are much cheaper than in Germany. You probably wonder why hair transplantation in Turkey is more affordable than in Germany.

This is because, in Germany, the number of clinics is much lower than in Turkey, the living conditions in Germany are more excessive, and the state invests in the cost of medicine in Turkey.

Average Number Of Grafts per Session

Number of Grafts per Session

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What Are The Hair Transplant Costs?

In order to achieve the perfect final result for you, our experts examine the pictures you send us in advance. Whether the DHI Method or the FUE method is used for the transplantation does not make a difference in the final sum.

The only difference in cost is the number of grafts needed. Therefore, our patients do not have to expect extra costs.

Exclusive All-In Packages At Bank Of Hair

As the team of Bank Of Hair, we offer our patients exclusive, all-inclusive packages.
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Lower Prices And Still Good Quality?

Most people think that lower hair transplant costs are also associated with poor quality. However, this is not so true.

Some of the best hospitals and doctors in the field of hair transplantation are located in major cities, especially in Istanbul; this is because Turkish doctors have already pioneered in the beginning.

Stay Away From Too Cheap Offers!

As the team of Bank Of Hair, of course, we want everyone to have the opportunity to have their hair transplanted.

However, if you find that the final amount of hair transplant cost is too cheap, we advise you to refrain from it, as this generally leads to hidden fees. This is what we call “bait and switch” offers. Even though the final sum may vary and there is no fixed price for hair transplantation, each hair transplantation has its own cost.


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