Percutaneous Hair Transplant

The grafts are extracted together from the back of the head (donor area)
using the FUE and percutaneous hair transplant. However, only specialized doctors must undertake the procedure!

The percutaneous Hair Transplant method was developed to have denser hair in the future, which also has the natural direction of growth. You also get the natural order of growth by opening v-shaped channels. Opening the v-shaped canals makes it possible to prevent the grafts from being damaged. The grafts are transplanted safely and correctly.

Important Information

How many grafts can be transplanted per treatment?
How many grafts can be transplanted per cm2?
130 Grafts/cm2
How long does the operation take?
6-8 hours, depending on the procedure
How much does a treatment cost?
Varies depending on the number of grafts
For which hair structure is the SDHI hair transplant procedure suitable?
For thin hair structure

Perfect final results with the percutaneous method

Do you want to have perfect and thick hair?

Then the percutaneous hair transplant method is the perfect solution for you. With the v-shaped canals, we are able to obtain maximum density. The growth rate is also 15% higher than the other transplantation methods.

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What is the Procedure of the Percutaneous Hair Transplant Method

1. First of all, the grafts are taken from the donor area using the traditional FUE Method. The donor area is in the back of the head because, genetically, the back of the head does not get affected by hair loss. Therefore, the back of the head is the perfect donor area.

2. In the second step, thanks to the precious sapphire blades, small v-shaped channels are opened. This results in a better hair density and a natural growth direction of the transplanted grafts.

3. The individual grafts are transplanted into the small v-shaped canals in the final step.

Special Features Of The Percutaneous Hair Transplant Method

Maximum growth rate

Percutaneous Hair Transplant
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Extreme Hair Density

Perfect Direction Of Growth

Shorter Healing Process

Percutaneous Hair Transplant
Percutaneous Hair Transplant

Am I Suitable For The Percutaneous Method? Who Is Suitable For The Percutaneous Hair Transplant Method?


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