PRP Treatment

It is also possible to get thick hair without surgical intervention.
You are probably wondering how this is possible.
With the PRP Treatment, we can help you as the team of Bank Of Hair to get thick and perfect hair. You have the possibility to get the PRP treatment performed by our experts at our 7 German sites.

Advantages of the

PRP Treatment

PRP – What is it?

PRP (“Platelet – Reich – Plasma“) means that your blood is centrifuged, then its plasma comes out. The red blood cells and white blood cells are separated by centrifugal force. When your blood plasma is ready, this is injected into your scalp.

PRP treatment is not a surgical procedure, this is a therapy that is free of risk.

In this treatment, your cells are strengthened to form the blood vessels and your damaged hair roots are renewed.


Experiences with PRP Treatment

Many of our happy patients have chosen PRP Treatment and we have received many motivating testimonials. This treatment has been used by our experts for many years.

The majority of our happy patients tell us in their testimonies thatthis treatment has worked very quickly and that our patients have regained their self-esteem.


and that our patients have regained their self-esteem.

This treatment is a natural treatment and therefore is not associated with any risks or side effects. This treatment can also be combined with Hair transplantation .

What are the Costs of This Treatment?

It is important to us as the team of Bank Of Hair, that everyone has the opportunity to have denser and perfect hair.

So contact our experts today and learn how to plan the best PRP treatment for you.

Calculate the price in less than 2 min. with our online assistant.

Our experts will calculate your personal treatment price with just a few questions, completely free of charge and without obligation.


What is the procedure of the PRP treatment?

You can decide for yourself whether you prefer to have the treatment in Hannover, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart or in Munich.

PRP treatment can be combined with hair transplantation

If you are planning a hair transplant at Bank Of Hair. This treatment is included in your package. Our patients tell us that the transplanted hair grows much faster and is also much stronger. This treatment accelerates the blood circulation in your scalp and therefore it stimulates the hair roots and causes the transplanted hair to grow faster and grow stronger.


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