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After the hair transplant

The period after a professional hair transplant at Bank Of Hair

The biggest part of the treatment is hair transplantation and you can already look forward to the results. However, you must follow the self-treatment after op. Where there were bald spots before, new hair roots grow after a few weeks, which you can be happy about. The wigs and toupees you have been worried about because of your hair loss will become a thing of the past and your new hair will allow a natural and healthy look on your head. The donor area also recovers in a short time and in no case is baldness left. You do not have to think about scars, because in the end there are none. The areas where hair has been transplanted are much more sensitive and require more time to heal. But even here, the scab formed by the dried blood begins to dissolve after only 10 days and you can return to your everyday life.


The healing times usually establish. In the first days after hair transplantation, there may be slight bleeding in the donor area. This is normal until a scab crust forms. After scabbing, bleeding also does not occur. One should always have a procedure performed by a specialist. As long as the aftercare is done carefully and the process is also done by an experimented team, the surgery also does not leave any scars. At the end of 12 months you will achieve full and thick hair.


The following hints and advice

After the procedure, you will receive a hood that will be pulled over the bandage on the head and neck to protect against external influences. You can take this hood off again at home. Do not touch the newly transplanted hair follicles. The evening after the surgery it is advised to sleep on the back if possible. For this you can use a neck pillow.The next day, the bandage on the neck can be removed without hesitation. For the first five days, you should use the medication that was given to you. Please follow the specialist’s instructions for this.

Alcohol, aspirin or tobacco should not be consumed during the first week after surgery. Some patients may experience mild swelling around the eyes and face after hair transplantation. The swelling subsides after 3 days. Swelling is caused by anesthesia and gravity. Proper use of the medication reduces swelling. Already the day after the treatment you are well recovered. There will be no obstacle to your departure. After one month, you can resume sports activities. Contact with water and the sun are also possible afterwards. Don’t forget a hat or the sunscreen.


Tips for proper hair care after professional hair transplantation

The first day after the transplant should wash the hair as indicated by your doctor. A lotion is applied and after 45minutes of exposure gently rinsed with clear lukewarm water and the hair should be washed only with a medicated shampoo. This process is usually repeated for 10 days. Hot water and vigorous rubbing or scratching should be avoided. Light massages with the fingertips on the scalp after the eighth day support the blood circulation of the skin, and thus the scab comes off more easily. Physical exertion, chemical additives from such as hair gel or spray are not recommended in the first two weeks after treatment. If you follow the instructions, you can see the wonderful results of the transplant after only a few weeks and look forward to the results after only twelve months.