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COVID-19 Notes can be found under points 3 and 4.

How does hair transplantation proceed?

You would like to have more information about the process? How it goes from the consultation to the final result? You can get all the important information below in the article.


Detailed and personal advice

During the personal consultation, our experts will explain to you the exact procedure of hair transplantation. You will be informed about the procedure and your hair will be analyzed in detail to decide if it qualifies for hair transplantation. You can also contact us by phone.


Appointment booking

If you have been informed and agree with the conditions, we will book an appointment with you for the procedure at Bank Of Hair. If this also fits a deposit of 20% of the final price is required to book the appointment in our clinic bindingly.


Arrival in Turkey

Once you arrive in Istanbul, one of our drivers will be waiting for you at the airport. You do not need to do anything else. First, you will be driven to the hotel and your check-in will be done. The day you arrived is yours. Whether you want to take a closer look at the metropolis or prefer to rest is up to you.

Note to COVID-19: Rules such as minimum distance of 1.5 meters or hygiene rules are observed by all our staff. Once you arrive at the hotel, your body temperature will be measured with a non-contact meter. This process also applies upon arrival at the clinic. One day before departure, a team will come to your hotel to take a swab for the PCR test that you will need when entering Germany.


Hair Transplant Day

After you have had breakfast at the luxury hotel, one of our drivers will be waiting to take you to the clinic. As soon as you arrive you will realize the preliminary meeting with our German interpreters. Our German interpreters will be with you all day, so that no questions will remain unanswered and you will have no communication difficulties. Once you agree with the procedure, the surgery can begin.

Note on COVID-19: Before the procedure, all treatment rooms and operating rooms are cleaned and disinfected. Mouth and nose protection is worn throughout the procedure.


Follow up and departure

The next day after the procedure, our drivers will take you back to the clinic for a follow-up checkup by our experts. In the clinic you will get all the necessary information for self-treatment after transplantation. Once the follow-up is through and you have received the result of the PCR test, you will be driven to the airport – It’s Home! We, as Team Bank Of Hair, are always by your side even after you leave.


It goes on! The procedure after treatment

One of the most important things we pay attention to as a team is the healing process. The rules given to you by the experts must not be disregarded, as the healing process is one of the most important points. You can reach our experts 24/7 as soon as you should have any questions.


Why is it important to have a professional hair transplant done

Hair loss, unfortunately, is not a problem that will nest on its own. It is just the opposite, the problem increases with time and the bald patches become more and more obvious. The majority of affected people cover up the small bald spots with caps, hats, etc. However, this is not a long-term solution. There is only one alternative to get your hair back. Through hair transplantation it is possible to welcome back your own hair.

Have you decided to have a hair transplant at Bank Of Hair?

Thus, not only have you made the best decision, but you are also one step closer to your perfect hair and self-esteem.


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