Hair Transplant Anesthesia

Many patients panic about needles. – Do not worry about the anxiety! Thanks to the new and modern Comfort-In system, we are able to perform Hair Transplant local anesthesia without needles.

At Bank Of Hair, needles anxiety is over!

Hair Transplantation Local Anesthesia With Comfort-In Method

For many people, hair transplantation is the only way to get rid of bald spots on their heads forever. However, some people are afraid of needles and do not dare to undergo hair transplantation. As the team of Bank Of Hair, that you do not have to worry about needles because the anesthesia is performed with the Comfort-In method.


What Does This Mean?

The Comfort-In method is performed without needles. The anesthesia is distributed about 0.15 mm under the scalp through the pressure technique with a particular injection device. This method is almost painless. The anesthesia lasts only a few seconds to eliminate the discomfort. Are you afraid of needles? – Then, you are at the perfect address for anesthesia without needles! Contact our experts and make an appointment today to start a new life.

Thanks To The Comfort-In Method, The Anesthetic Procedure Becomes Much More Pleasant!

The Comfort-In method has made the anesthesia procedure much easier for the patients and us. The new method eliminates the discomfort that usually occurs during the anesthesia procedure.

Do you want to have a hair transplant without fear of local anesthesia? Just contact our experts, and we will accompany you to your new and confident life!

Hair Transplant Anesthesia

How Does Local Anesthetic Procedure Work for a hair transplant?

The injection agent places a nozzle with a piston in the lower part of the injection device. The opening is 0,15mm long. 0.5ml of anesthetic solution is filled up there. By pressing the piston, the anesthetic releases into the upper part of the scalp instantly.

There are springs in the plunger, ensuring that the procedure is smooth and painless. The Comfort-In Method is the perfect solution for patients who are afraid of needles.

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Does local anesthesia vanish during the hair transplant procedure?

Drugs metabolism is different for each patient. This is the case with anesthesia. However, decreasing the effect of local anesthesia during the transplantation is very rare.

It is very important for us that our patients do not feel the pain because the extraction and transplantation can be very unpleasant. Our experts are constantly with you during the procedure and will take care of it immediately!


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