DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Method – What is it?

DHI hair transplant method is a transplantation method.

In this method, no separate canals are opened. We can transplant the grafts directly into the recipient area thanks to the CHOI pen. We can achieve perfect hair with maximum density and hair growth with the DHI method.
– DHI method!

Important Information

How many grafts can be transplanted per treatment?
How many grafts can be transplanted per cm2
130 Grafts/cm2
How long does an operation take?
6-8 hours, depending on the procedure
How much does a treatment cost?
Varies depending on the number of graft
For which hair structure is the DHI hair transplant procedure suitable?
For medium and thicker hair structure

Special Features Of The DHI Method

One of the DHI Hair Transplant Method peculiarities is that there is no need to open separate canals before the transplantation. In addition, there is one more unique feature – the CHOI Pen!

Transplantation and canal opening happen simultaneously during the transplantation.

Percutaneous Hair Transplant

Advantages Of The DHI Method

What Is The Procedure Of The DHI Hair Transplant Method?

DHI Hair Transplant

1. With the modern FUE Hair Transplant Method, the individual grafts are extracted from the donor area with a special micromotor.

DHI Hair Transplant

2. In the second step, the grafts are transplanted individually into the CHOI Pen. The CHOI Pen is used only in the DHI hair transplant procedure.

DHI Hair Transplant

3. Thanks to the CHOI Pen, opening separate canals is unnecessary. The grafts are transplanted with the pin and take on the growth direction and depth themselves.

How Much Does The DHI Hair Transplant Method Cost?

For us, it is important that everyone get the opportunity to transplant their hair. Therefore, the method used at Bank Of Hair does not affect the final amount. The final amount varies depending on the number of grafts needed.

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Patient Experience With The DHI Hair Transplant Method

Our patients tell us that the healing process was much faster with the DHI method, and they got extremely thick hair.

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Is The DHI Hair Transplant Method Possible Without Shaving?

The DHI method is also possible without shaving, but 2 criteria must be met.

If you have larger bald spots that need to be transplanted, transplantation without shaving is not possible with the DHI method.

DHI Hair Transplant

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