Hair Transplant For Women

Hair is one of the most important beauty features for women. Every woman wants thick, dense, long, and full hair. At Bank Of Hair, we can fulfill your wish for a lifetime! Hair transplantation for women is also performed using the latest and most modern techniques.

Hair Transplant For Women – Finally Perfect Hair Again!

As there is no solution for hair loss, it is best to have a hair transplant done.

We promise you a perfect final result after the procedure so that you can become one of our more than 10,000 happy patients.

At Bank Of Hair, we use only modern techniques for the procedure, so you can see the perfect final result after only a few months.

We help you as experts to achieve your dream.

Is hair transplantation an option for a woman?

Our experts analyze your hair in detail and decide which is the perfect method for you to achieve the ideal final result.

All women who are suffering from hair loss can have a hair transplant. At Bank Of Hair, everyone has the opportunity to realize their dream and rebuild their self-confidence.

Women and men do not lose hair in the same way. In women, hair loss usually happens at the crown of the head. In contrast to men that hair loss generally begins at the hairline corners.

Our experience shows that hair transplantation is the only solution for hair loss in both men and women.

Bank of Hair - Hair Transplant For Women
Bank of Hair - Hair Transplant For Women

How do women feel after a hair transplant? – Patients share their experiences

Our team noticed that our female patients were enormously happier and more self-confident after transplantation than before transplantation. According to our experience, everything was affected much more positively, whether in private or social life. Contact our experts and analyze your hair in detail.

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Advantages of hair transplant for women

*With consideration of the care recommendations of our doctors.

Methods of hair transplant for women

Each patient is unique to us; this means that each patient’s hair is analyzed individually and in detail by our experts. After the analysis is done, we decide which modern technique is suitable for your hair transplant so that you have the perfect result. We determine the method, the procedure, and the final amount. That is why Bank Of Hair is one of the most prestigious hair transplant clinics in the Istanbul metropolis.

Calculate the price in less than 2 min. with our online assistant.

Our experts will calculate your personal treatment price with just a few questions, completely free of charge and without obligation.

1. Detailed and personal consultation

During the personal consultation, our experts will inform you about the exact procedure of hair transplantation for women. We will inform you about the process, and your hair will be analyzed in detail to decide if it is suitable for hair transplantation. You can also contact us by phone.

2. Appointment booking

If you get informed and agree with the conditions, we will book an appointment with you for the procedure at Bank Of Hair. A deposit of 20% of the final price is required to book the appointment in our clinic binding.

3. Arrival in Turkey

when you arrive in Istanbul, one of our drivers will be waiting for you at the airport. You do not need to do anything else. First, our driver will drive to the hotel, and your check-in will be done. The day you arrive is yours. Whether you want to take a closer look at the metropolis or prefer to rest is up to you.

4. Hair transplant day

After having breakfast in the luxury hotel, one of our drivers will be waiting to take you to the clinic. You will realize the preliminary meeting with our German interpreters as soon as you arrive. Our German interpreters will accompany you throughout the day so that no questions about female hair transplantation will remain unanswered, and you will not have any communication difficulties either. The procedure can startvas soon as you agree with the procedure.

5. Follow-up control and departure

The next day after the procedure, our drivers will take you back to the clinic so that our experts can perform the post-transplant check-up. You will get all the necessary information for self-treatment in the clinic after the transplantation. As soon as the follow-up is done and you receive the result of the PCR test, you will be driven to the airport - you are going home! Bank Of Hair will always be by your side even after your departure.

6. It goes on!

As a team, one of the essential points after the treatment that we pay attention to is the healing process. The rules given to you by the experts should not be disregarded, as the healing process is one of the critical stages. You can contact our experts 24/7 if you have any questions.

Bank of Hair - Hair Transplant For Women

Hair transplant costs and advice

In order to calculate the price of your treatment in advance, it is enough to you send us pictures of your hair condition.

As soon as our experts analyze the pictures, you will receive a non-binding offer. Of course, you can decide whether the hair transplant should be performed in Istanbul or Hannover.


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