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We are one of the most prestigious hair transplant clinics in Istanbul.

Our priority is to work out the best quality. Bank Of Hair offers you an unforgettable stay with the avant-garde equipment and a 1A service.

The unique hair transplant clinic in istanbul awaits you!

LIV HOSPITAL is classified as one of the latest and smart hospitals in the world. It is based on a unique vision and many years of study and research.

Liv is an elegant digital platform, with green design, and smart technology within a customized building to host patients with the latest medical technology and a holistic, individualized treatment and care program.

The ergonomic patterns and designs of the entrance hall are inspired by the shapes and healing capacities of the human body as a concept, which is reflected in every detail of the hospital’s 150 patient rooms, 48 polyclinics and consulting rooms, 8 operating rooms, and 22 intensive care unit beds.

LIV is the distinguishing guideline that leads the international vision.

Liv is an environment of excellence, comfort, peace, and spiritual tranquility, combining the latest medical skills, science, and technology with the age-old concept of holistic wellness, healing, comfort, and hospitality!

Liv Hospital offers the most advanced diagnosis and treatment methods.

Moreover, a German-speaking interpreter is waiting for YOU on the spot, from the moment of the consultation to the final result. Also, your interpreter is at your disposal before and after the Hair Transplant.

Recovery begins with a sound mind and a high level of assurance, comfort, and confidence. Our experts and experienced team at Bank Of Hair are waiting for YOU to make your wish come true!

Personal Analysis For Full Hair With The Most Modern Techniques

Each patient is unique for us; of course, it means that each patient’s hair is analyzed individually and in detail by our experts. After the analysis is done, we decide which modern technique is suitable for your hair transplantation so that you have the perfect result. The method, the procedure, and the final amount will be determined. That is why the team of Bank Of Hair is one of the most prestigious hair transplant clinics in the metropolis of Istanbul.

Even After
The Hair Transplant We Are With You

You desire to visit the Best Hair Transplant Clinic so that you can have the perfect final result. Another important point is that after the procedure, the controls are also constantly carried out. Our experts are always in contact with you after the process. After the hair transplantation, you will be informed in detail about how to take care of your hair. Special care sets will help you to continue the aftercare on your own.

Calculate the price in less than 2 min. with our online assistant.

Our experts will calculate your personal treatment price with just a few questions, completely free of charge and without obligation.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic And Also 1A Service on-Site

Do you want to stay a little longer in the metropolis before or after the procedure?

This is feasible! Tell us how long you want to stay in the metropolis of Istanbul, and we will book your stay accordingly. As the team of Bank of Hair, we will also provide you with a VIP shuttle.

If you have any questions during your stay regarding the hotel or the procedure, we are available 24/7 as one of the prestigious clinics in Istanbul.

Our fluent German-speaking interpreters are here to ensure you don’t have any communication difficulties!

Perfect Results At Bank Of Hair

Our goal as an international hair transplant clinic is to gain and keep the trust of our patients. In particular, patient satisfaction is the be-all and end-all for us. Moreover, at Bank Of Hair, you are in the perfect place as far as hair transplantation and level are concerned.

As a team, we guarantee you a perfect final result because we work with the best and newest methods at the same time. Advantages of using the latest methods are, for example, that the hair grows much stronger and healthier. In addition, the healing process is much faster.

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you now.


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