How Is The Healing Process After A Hair Transplant?

Of course, patients wonder what the final result will be. To have the perfect final result, one of the most important criteria is the healing process. Since Bank Of Hair uses the latest transplantation methods, the subsequent care does not take much time, so you as a patient can easily pass the healing process.

Shorter Healing Time Thanks To New Hair Transplantation Methods

Do you notice that you have bald spots on your head? This means that you have lost hair, and the hair roots in those parts are damaged or demolished. In order to preserve this and provide for new strong hair, at Bank Of Hair, we transplant them using the latest methods. Even though this is a surgical procedure, the healing process is very short for the majority of patients.

The scalp will be exhausted, but it recovers in a very short time, depending on the method used. The donor areas are mainly at the back and both sides of the head because, genetically, in these places, hair loss does not happen.

The extraction of grafts is now much more effective and shorter, thanks to the FUE technique. With this new and modern technique, the grafts are easily removed from the donor area and transplanted to the bald areas.

bankofhair-Healing Process

Shorter Healing Process Thanks To New And Modern Techniques

Effective and short methods are used so that our patients have a faster healing process. We use these methods for both extraction and transplantation. The healing process is one of the essential points for the patients and our team. To avoid overexertion after hair transplantation, we strongly advise you to rest. The resting time affects the healing process, whereas overexertion would prolong the healing process. Thanks to the new and effective methods, wound healing is also finished after a short time. In a short time, i.e., you can expect perfect and thick hair after a few months.

The Healing Process Is Influenced By Patients

As also mentioned in the previous article, you need to rest to shorten the healing process; patients’ behavior¬†plays a significant role and should not be disregarded!

As the team of Bank Of Hair, we are always available for you, even during the healing process. If you follow the information and instructions from the experts, nothing will stand in your way of perfect hair. Our experts also provide our patients with helpful tips along the way.


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