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Are you looking for the perfect clinic to do your beard transplant?

Then you are at the perfect address. Bank Of Hair, with over 10,000 happy patients, promises you the ideal result of your beard transplant

We have been working with one of the most renowned clinics in Istanbul since our establishment. There is no better facility for a beard transplant in Turkey!

Beard transplant with Bank of Hair

Full and thick beard

In order to fulfill your desire for full and thick beard hair, we accompany you from the initial consultation to the final beard transplant. We have the highest standards for our service.

We combine professionalism with empathy and a first-class service. From the very first minute, we take you by the hand and accompany you step by step to an excellent end result.

Our service is based on three central aspects. These include excellent organization, sympathetic customer care and cooperation with experienced beard transplant specialists.

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Whether you want to thicken your beard in general or only have selective beard hair transplants, we make everything possible for you. We are also happy to combine a beard transplant with a hair transplant.

Our team always finds a solution. In doing so, we have set ourselves one overriding goal: The best possible quality at an attractive price! To achieve this, we at Bank of Hair place great emphasis on patient satisfaction and perfect end results.

Convince yourself! We have already accompanied over 10,000 happy patients on their way to the perfect and natural beard or hair. Let one of our experts advise you today.

He will tell you all the important information in advance and answer all your questions. Get one step closer to your dream of a masculine full beard.

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Beard transplant with Bank of Hair

Full and thick beard

Current issues

Important information

Why should i have a beard transplant?

Why should i have a beard transplant?

A full beard is an important part of a man’s appearance. Therefore, a beard transplant can lead to a masculine appearance. The beard can define the contours of the face and make the jaw more prominent. In addition, the facial features are lengthened.

A beard transplant can help to make a person look more masculine. In particular, men who do not have full beard hair due to genetic diseases or hair loss benefit from this. It can make you appear more confident and attractive. This can have a positive effect on both your professional success and your love life.

A full and thick beard is a symbol of maturity and masculinity. As a result, a beard transplant can help to increase self-confidence and self-worth. Many men who suffer from weak or patchy beard growth feel insecure or unattractive as a result.

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But they can get a thick full beard that matches their desired appearance through beard hair transplantation. This can lead to an improvement in self-confidence and a more positive self-perception.

As a result, the man can finally feel comfortable again. This is especially evident in social situations. The new look not only impresses family and friends. It also boosts self-confidence and self-esteem in public.

A beard is perceived as a sign of masculinity, self-perception and determination. Therefore, a beard transplant can have a positive effect on one’s career and love life.

Especially in professions where a well-groomed appearance is valued, a well-groomed beard can make a good impression on clients and colleagues. In the dating world, a beard can enhance a man’s appearance and attract the interest of potential partners.

A full beard is not only perceived as a symbol of strength and vitality. It also improves self-confidence and general appearance.

A beard transplant can improve the quality of life and prevent depression, because appearance is important for mental health. With a full beard, many men feel more attractive, confident and comfortable in their skin.

This can have a positive impact on career, interpersonal relationships and social life. In addition, the lack of beard growth can trigger psychological problems in some men.

This manifests itself in the form of depression or feelings of unworthiness. Such a circumstance can be solved by a beard transplant. Through the procedure, the patient can return to a fulfilled life with a better quality of life.

Would you like to give your appearance and your everyday life a new lease of life? At Bank of Hair, we enable you to take this important step towards a better quality of life.

Our experts analyze your situation and realize your dream of a fuller and thicker beard. In doing so, we take your individual ideas into account. Contact us today and we will quickly make your beard transplant a reality.

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Why should i have a beard transplant?

More information

How does a beard transplant work?

Bank Of Hair uses only the latest and the most modern techniques for transplantation.

A beard transplant is an aesthetic procedure. During this procedure, a certain number of grafts are taken from the donor area. Grafts are hair follicles that are transplanted into the beard area.

They contain the hair as well as its roots and the surrounding tissue. The transplantation takes place under local anaesthesia and lasts on average between six and eight hours.

However, the duration of the operation may vary depending on the procedure. To illustrate your path to a full beard, you will find a list of the individual steps below.

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How does a beard transplant work?


The preparation

You will be informed by our experts about the exact procedure of the beard transplant. Afterwards you will receive a local anaesthetic.


The removal of the grafts

The grafts are taken from your donor area.


The preparation of the recipient sites

The recipient sites are opened in your beard area and prepared for transplantation.


The transplantation of the grafts

Now the harvested grafts are transplanted into the prepared recipient sites. They are placed in such a way that natural hair growth is possible.


The final conclusion

After the beard transplant has been successfully completed, the beard area is thoroughly cleaned and covered.

Swelling and redness may occur for the first few days after the procedure. The beard area must now recover a little. The healing process can vary from person to person, but usually takes 1-2 weeks.

In order not to hinder growth, it is important to let the transplanted hair grow naturally during the first weeks and not to shave or cut it. However, after only a few months you can already admire the final result. The implanted beard hairs now grow vigorously and have excellent density.

At Bank of Hair, we fulfill your dream of a full and thick beard through a gentle hair transplant. We guarantee a top end result after only a short time, with which you feel completely comfortable.

These methods are used for beard transplantation


At Bank of Hair, we place great importance on using the best and most modern method for beard transplantation. That is why we rely on the sapphire FUE technique. Nevertheless, we explain the most common procedures and give you a quick overview of the different methods.

There are two common procedures for beard transplantation: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and traditional follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

  • With the FUE method, the grafts are taken individually from the donor region. This results in smaller scars and enables faster healing.
  • The sapphire FUE technique uses ultra-thin sapphire blades. They are used to open the channels in the recipient area, which can lead to higher density and faster recovery.
  • The traditional FUT technique is an older procedure in which a strip of skin is removed from the donor area to harvest the grafts. However, this method results in greater scarring and a longer generation time.
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Cost of beard transplant

As with
Hair Transplant,
it depends on how many grafts are needed to densify the thinning areas. The more grafts are required, the higher the hair transplantation cost will be.

As a result, the costs
of the transplantation also drop
out. At this point, it is important that you get in touch with our experts. They will carry out a detailed analysis of your beard hair.

This examination will determine how many grafts will ultimately need to be transplanted. Following this, you will receive a free cost estimate.

Why is a beard transplant worthwhile in Turkey?

A beard transplant in Turkey offers a number of advantages that make the country a popular destination for this type of procedure. One of the most important advantages is that Turkey is a world leader in performing hair transplants.

The doctors therefore have extensive experience and expertise in this field. In addition, the clinics are usually much cheaper than those in many other countries. However, they perform hair transplants with the same quality.

Modern facilities and technologies are available that make the procedure safer and more precise. Most Turkish clinics use state-of-the-art methods such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which allows for minimal scarring and fast healing.

The doctors and medical professionals in Turkey are very well trained and have a lot of experience in performing hair transplants.


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Turkey offers tourists not only high-quality medical care, but also a variety of sights. This means that patients not only enjoy a pleasant trip during their stay in Turkey. They also receive high-quality medical care.

Overall, it can be said that beard transplantation in Turkey is a viable, safe and successful option for patients who desire a masculine appearance and more self-confidence.

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Why is a beard transplant worthwhile in Turkey?

Criteria for a beard transplant in the metropolis of Istanbul

  • We also offer a matching hair transplant in combination with the beard transplant.
  • Our first-class doctors convince with their experience and excellent final results.
  • Beard transplantation takes place using the most modern methods.
  • At our clinic, they get a natural-looking beard of maximum density.
  • Due to the gentle treatment, you can immediately return to your everyday life.
  • We guarantee you a terrific end result after only a few months

Calculate the price in less than 2 min. with our online assistant.

While Turkey is generally a good destination for beard transplants, the port city of Istanbul on the Bosphorus is the heart of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Therefore, at Bank of Hair, we perform all procedures in Istanbul. There are a number of advantages to this.

With just a few questions, our experts will calculate your personal treatment price, of course completely free of charge and without obligation.

  • We also offer a matching hair transplant in combination with the beard transplant.
  • Our first-class doctors convince with their experience and excellent final results.
  • Beard transplantation takes place using the most modern methods.
  • At our clinic, they get a natural-looking beard of maximum density.
  • Due to the gentle treatment, you can immediately return to your everyday life.
  • We guarantee you a terrific end result after only a few months

Experiences from our happy patients

A full beard on a man embodies masculinity, strength and power. We have made the experience that men who have a patchy beard or no beard at all are much more embarrassed in contrast to men who have a full beard.

The final results after beard transplantation are terrific. According to testimonials, we have heard from our happy patients that the beard has healed in a very short period of time and that the self-confidence of our patients has increased enormously.

Our experts will provide you with all the necessary information during the free consultation and will also analyze your beard in detail.

Experiences from our happy patients

Your beard transplant at Bank of Hair

If you intend to have a beard transplant, you are in perfect hands at Bank of Hair. With 1A service and avant-garde facilities in our clinic, you will have an unforgettable stay with us.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to realise a beard hair transplant. That is why we have exclusive patient-oriented final sums for our customers. We are already looking forward to seeing you and welcome you!


Free hair analysis

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Depending on the number of grafts needed, the cost of a beard transplant can vary. Therefore, it is worth getting a cost estimate from an expert.

A beard transplant lasts a lifetime. The transplanted hair from the donor area is genetically resistant to hair loss. Therefore, the result is permanent.

The clinics in Turkey offer a high standard of quality. They have experienced doctors and modern methods for beard transplantation. Furthermore, the prices are much more attractive compared to other countries. In addition, comprehensive packages are often offered.