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Eyebrow transplant in Turkey

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Perfect eyebrows at bank of hair

There are various reasons why an eyebrow transplantation may be performed. Often, the eyebrows are too thin or even missing due to hereditary factors. Furthermore, hair growth may be uneven, leading to gaps or an irregular distribution.

Scarring caused by injuries can also affect the appearance of the eyebrows. Hair no longer grows in a controlled manner in areas where there is a scar.

In such cases, an eyebrow transplantation is necessary and beneficial. It restores dense and natural growth. The results of the treatment are permanent.

The benefits of an eyebrow transplantation are numerous. It not only improves the aesthetic appearance but can also boost self-confidence and change overall self-perception.

After the procedure, you no longer have to worry about thin or bald spots. Thanks to an eyebrow transplant with Bank of Hair, you can appear with full self-assurance and finally feel comfortable again.

Perfect eyebrows at bank of hair

Thick and natural eyebrows

An eyebrow transplant can have a very positive effect on a person’s mental health and quality of life.

Especially if the eyebrows are only very thin and patchy or even missing due to hereditary reasons, a treatment is a real relief. This not only strengthens self-confidence.

The outer appearance also changes. A transplant can greatly contribute to increasing one’s own well-being and self-esteem. If you are losing hair in the eyebrow area, treatment can significantly improve your quality of life.


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Furthermore, an eyebrow transplant has an immense influence on aesthetic perception. Where there was insecurity in the past, a remedy can be found with an operation. Many women feel uncomfortable and less attractive without thick eyebrows. But this does not have to be the case.

A transplant enables the formation of a symmetrical eyebrow. And not only that: it also helps the recipients to feel more comfortable again. This ultimately also has a positive effect on mental health.

At Bank of Hair, we support you on your way to thick and full eyebrows. Our experts will be happy to advise you on your request and together we will find exactly the solution that suits you.


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Thick and natural eyebrows

What is the procedure for an eyebrow transplant?

Local anesthesia is used to numb the affected areas so that you do not feel any pain and feel comfortable during the operation. Eyebrow transplant usually involves the transplantation of 150 – 550 grafts per eyebrow.

Before the operation, our doctors will analyze your eyebrows in detail so that you can have natural and perfect eyebrows. In this regard, the grafts will also be transplanted with millimeter precision in the waxing direction.

Generally, one treatment is enough for eyebrow transplantation, and no canals have to be opened to insert the grafts.

What is the procedure for an eyebrow transplant?



First of all, a consultation takes place between our specialists and you. We will analyze the hair of your eyebrows in detail. You decide which eyebrow style you want in the final result.



Then we discuss how many grafts are needed. In an eyebrow transplant, usually 150 – 550 grafts are transplanted per eyebrow.

Grafts are the transplantable hair follicles. These are taken from the donor area and transplanted into the recipient area.



When the day of the transplant arrives, the first thing that takes place during the treatment is the removal of the grafts. These are taken from the back of the head. These hairs are often best suited for an optimal result.


Receiving area

Then the preparation of the recipient area begins. This is carefully prepared in advance for the transplantation. Small openings are drilled into the skin area where the grafts will later be transplanted.



Now the actual transplantation begins. During this procedure, the harvested grafts are inserted individually into the small, prepared openings. The correct position and angle are taken care of with the utmost precision. This ensures an excellent and natural final result.

After this step, the procedure is almost complete. Once all the grafts have been transplanted, the receiving area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. After that, another bandage is applied.




After a short regeneration phase, however, you can go about your daily life again. The after-effects have already subsided after one to two weeks. Healing takes place within a few months.



During this time, the eyebrows also start to grow again and soon you will see the perfect final result. What’s more, the result is permanent. The transplanted hairs are highly resistant to hair loss.

Advantages of eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplants have the advantage of natural and permanent results regardless of the method.

The transplanted hair can be styled and groomed like natural hair and grows in the same way. Transplantation can also be helpful to correct narrow or uneven eyebrows and improve the appearance.

What methods are used for eyebrow transplantation?

There are several techniques that can be used for eyebrow transplantation:

These are the causes of eyebrow failure!

There are several reasons for the loss of eyebrows. For example, over-plucking often causes the hair to fall out. This is also known as trichotillomania. People who are affected by this pluck hairs from their eyebrows unconsciously or consciously. This leads to soon patches or even loss.

Furthermore, medication can also lead to hair loss in the eyebrow area. Autoimmune diseases can also contribute to hair loss.

Hormonal changes in the body also contribute to hair loss and thinning of the eyebrows. This is especially common with age.

With all these causes, there is only one solution: an eyebrow transplant. This creates a natural and aesthetic appearance. At Bank of Hair, we have the right solution for every situation.

It does not matter whether hereditary hair loss or over-plucking is the reason. In any case, our experts will help you achieve thick and symmetrical eyebrows.

Costs for eyebrow transplantation

An eyebrow transplant is always individual and adapted to the needs of the patient. Therefore, the costs for the procedure can also vary. The decisive factor, as with hair and beard transplantation, is the number of grafts.

This always depends on the personal situation. Sometimes more, sometimes fewer hair follicles need to be transplanted. The greater the number, the higher the costs for an eyebrow transplant.

As a rule, between 750-1000 transplants are inserted on average during the treatment. Of course, our experts will give you a free estimate after the hair analysis.

Costs for eyebrow transplantation

These are the protective functions of the eyebrows

The eyebrows protect us from foreign objects or dirt getting into our eyes. Therefore, an eyebrow transplant not only improves the visual appearance. Rather, dense eyebrows without any thinning areas have an improved protective function. You can profit from this in addition to the appealing aesthetics.

The eyebrows do not only have a protective mechanism.

Our eyebrows also contribute to a personal expression in our face and play a major role in facial expressions.

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The eyebrows protect us from foreign objects or dirt getting into our eyes. Therefore, an eyebrow transplant not only improves the visual appearance. Rather, dense eyebrows without any thinning areas have an improved protective function. You can profit from this in addition to the appealing aesthetics.

The eyebrows do not only have a protective mechanism.

Our eyebrows also contribute to a personal expression in our face and play a major role in facial expressions.

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Eyebrow transplant in Turkey

At Bank Of Hair you are in the perfect place for eyebrow transplantation. With 1A service and avant-garde facilities in our clinic, you will have an unforgettable stay with us.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to have an eyebrow transplant, which is why we have exclusive patient-oriented totals for our clients. We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you.

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Eyebrow transplant in Turkey

Eye transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thin or weak hair can be replaced by transplanting healthy hair follicles. There are many reasons why eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is useful.

One of the main reasons why eyebrow transplantation in Turkey makes sense is the excellent quality of medical facilities and specialists in Turkey. In recent years, Turkey has become one of the world’s most popular destinations for medical tourism. In terms of quality of medical services, state-of-the-art equipment and expert aesthetic surgery specialists, Turkey has earned an excellent reputation.

The lower cost of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey compared to other countries is another important factor. For this reason, Turkey has become a tempting destination for those considering eyebrow transplantation.

In addition, the Turkish Republic offers an excellent mix of quality medical care and an attractive travel destination. Turkey is an impressive country with a rich history, vibrant culture and stunning scenery.

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Patients who have their eyebrow transplant in Turkey can combine it with a trip to this fascinating country.

Another great advantage of an eyebrow transplant in Turkey is the quick availability of appointments and the short waiting time. Due to the large number of specialists and hospitals, patients can quickly make an appointment and have the procedure performed in a short time.

In addition, the Turkish Republic offers a wide range of eyebrow transplantation techniques. These are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each patient.

The FUE technique, the DHI technique and the Sapphire FUE technique are among the different techniques used in Turkey. Each of these techniques has unique advantages and is suitable for certain patients.

Last but not least, high patient satisfaction is an important reason why eye transplantation is worthwhile there. The Turkish Republic has made considerable progress in recent years.

It offers a wide range of qualified and highly skilled medical institutions that have focused on aesthetic procedures and low prices. Many of them have studied at renowned medical schools and have years of relevant experience.

In addition, Turkey is a popular tourist destination with a variety of tourist attractions. Many patients take the opportunity to combine their transplant with a holiday and experience the country’s culture and natural beauty.

Most clinics also offer unique packages that include transport to and from the clinic and accommodation in opulent hotels.

Another advantage of eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is the availability of modern technology and techniques. Many clinics use the most advanced instruments and techniques to perform the transplants as precisely and successfully as possible.

Examples of this are the DHI method and the FUE method, where individual hair follicles are transplanted directly into the region of the eyebrows.

In summary, eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is a fantastic option for patients who want very effective, affordable and high quality results.

The combination of qualified medical professionals, state-of-the-art technology, affordable prices and a welcoming destination makes Turkey one of the world’s best destinations for aesthetic surgery.

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Eyebrow transplant in Turkey

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The FUT and FUE methods are the most commonly used techniques for eyebrow transplantation. In the FUT method, a strip of skin is removed from which the grafts are then taken. In the FUE operation, the grafts are taken directly from the head.

Depending on the number of grafts needed and the appropriate technique, an eyebrow transplant takes two to four hours. The patient can usually go home on the same day as the procedure. The healing process takes about a week.

Depending on how large the thinning areas are, between 200 and 500 grafts are usually implanted per eyebrow during an eyebrow transplant. In some cases, up to 1000 grafts per brow can be transplanted.