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the most frequently asked questions about hair transplant


Are there any risks during the transplantation? What should I pay attention to after the procedure? Is the hair transplant painful?

This article will give all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about hair transplantation.



Unfortunately, our everyday life is not like it used to be. If you have concerns about transplantation in Turkey is understandable. Since COVID-19 appeared in Turkey, the Turkish government has introduced strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The Bank of Hair teammdisinfects all the treatment rooms and operation rooms every 10 hours by trained cleaning staff. Meticulous care is taken to ensure that everything is hygienic and our patients feel comfortable. You can contact us at any time regarding any issue.

Hair transplant

In order to determine how helpful the hair transplant is for you, it is enough to make an appointment with us so that our experts can also analyze in detail how advanced your hair loss is and whether it makes sense to have a hair transplant. The cause will also be analyzed, and in this regard, treatment options will be offered to you. Among other things. We also offer hair pigmentation and PRP treatments.

As the team of Bank Of Hair, our goal is to achieve the perfect final result so that our patients are pleased for the rest of their lives. If the right measures are followed, there is nothing against having the new and perfect hair.

It depends on how big the bald spots are and how many grafts can be taken and transplanted. Generally, you will have the perfect result after a hair transplant. Of course, if the affected areas are large, a second transplant may be necessary to get the ideal outcome and own natural hair.

The grafts are transplanted 1-2 millimeters deep into the skin. The most modern techniques, such as the DHI method, are used to achieve perfect final results.

Thanks to the Comfort-In system, it can be said that the transplantation is quite painless. No needles are used. You will get local anesthesia during the procedure.

Since local anesthesia is used during the procedure and not general anesthesia, there are hardly any risks during transplantation. If the doctor’s advice is followed, there are hardly any risks after the hair transplant. Infection or failure of the transplanted grafts can occur, but this happens only if you are not treated by experts or if you do not follow your expert’s advice and recommendations.

The duration of the transplantation process depends on the number of grafts needed to be transplanted. As a rule, it is assumed that the procedure takes six to eight hours.

During the free consultation, you will be informed about the complete procedure by our experts. First, our experts will examine and analyze your hair in detail. In this regard, we will then determine how many grafts will be taken and which method is suitable for your scalp.

Yes, beard hair can be transplanted to the scalp because the hair roots adapt. If grafts cannot be taken from the donor area, i.e., from the back of the head, it is possible to take beard hair. Our experts will determine this during the consultation.

Yes, artificial hair can also be transplanted, but only to the minor bald spots, since the body rejects artificial hair more easily than it does its own hair. Whether this is possible for you, you can make an appointment at one of the seven contact points in Germany. Our experts will analyze this and also inform you in this regard.

Yes, it is possible to transplant hair on a bald head. If there is no hair on the back of the head, it is also possible to take grafts from the chest or beard. It is also possible to simulate baldness with hair pigmentation.

Before the hair transplant

Before the hair transplant, you should ensure that you do not take any blood thinners for ten days before the procedure. You will be informed more during the initial consultation with our experts. It is sufficient if you go to one of our centers in Germany.

FAQ about your trip

You must sleep on your back for the first five days after the procedure with the neck pillow you will receive. After the procedure, you must avoid drinking alcohol for 1 week. Over-exertion, such as sexual intercourse, is taboo for the first 14 days after the procedure. Beach, swimming pool, solarium, and sauna are forbidden for at least one month. Direct sunlight should also be avoided in the first month. The more protection is taken, and the more rules are followed, the more perfect the final result is.

After the procedure, we will give you painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-swelling tablets.

The transplanted grafts must first heal completely and grow properly. This process can take up to five months. During this period, you will lose the existing hairs, and then they will grow back again.

It is usually assumed that the transplanted hairs will fall in the first two to six months – don’t panic! This is quite normal. The transplanted hairs go through different cycles, which last for different lengths of time. In total, these stages last about six months.

Occasionally, our patients experience itching after their hair transplant. However, this is quite normal as the scalp begins to heal. Please note that the recipient area should not be scratched by itching. Overexertion must also be prevented.

If you are not satisfied with the final result, there is a chance to improve the final result with the hair pigmentation method or PRP treatment so that the final result can be improved even more.

As the team of Bank Of Hair, we give our patients a 30-year satisfaction guarantee on the transplanted grafts. It will help if you are not afraid that the transplanted grafts will fall again. However, it is pretty normal for grafts to fall during the healing process – don’t panic! After the transplanted grafts fall out, the hair will grow back. This is due to natural hair growth.

After the procedure, we provide our patients with a special care set for their transplanted hair free of charge. We also advise you to use only mild products like Mossi to wash your hair. Care must be taken not to irritate your scalp.

The crusts fall off as soon as the wounds of the puncture sites have healed. This happens around the 10th day. The crusts protect you from infections. You can also influence the healing time by following the advice of the experts.

Since the grafts are taken from the back of the head, and these hairs do not fall out genetically, it can be assumed that these hairs will accompany you for life.


Bank Of Hair uses two different modern methods for hair transplantation. The first is the FUE method, and the second is the DHI method.

To find out whether you are suitable for the FUE method or not, we advise you to come to one of our clinics so that your hair can be analyzed in detail. It is not common that our patients are suitable for the FUE method. Apart from the FUE method, we have other modern techniques to perform the transplantation if this is the case.

Stay in Turkey

The majority of patients combine their stay in the metropolis of Istanbul with a short vacation. If you want to combine the stay with a short vacation, do it before the hair transplant because it is important to rest after the procedure. The stay in Istanbul for hair transplantation lasts at least 3 days. Day 1 is the arrival, whereas you can leave on the third day.


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