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Get away from the sun after a hair transplant!

If the sun hits the transplanted area directly after the transplantation, the sun will negatively affect the treated spot. After the Hair transplant you should be very careful that no direct sunray hits the transplanted parts. Even though the sun is very important for human life, it is very important to protect the hair follicles and the tiny wounds after the transplant..



Does The Sun have any effect on the healing Process After The Treatment?

Since the scalp is susceptible after transplantation and during the healing process, the sun significantly affects the healing process.

Minimal wounds occur during the removal of the hair follicles in the donor area or during the transplantation in the recipient area. Since these wounds are very close to each other, it can be assumed that it is a big wounds.


If too early and robust UV rays come on the transplanted area, the following complications may occur:

If the transplanted spots remain under direct UV ray, it can cause sunburn on the head. Sunburn on the head can have severe complications. One of the complications is inflammation. The inflammation can destroy the grafts and affect the final result negatively.

It can also lead to pigmentation disorders on the scalp. The consequences have a long-term impact and can cause repeated hair loss.


How can I protect my head from the sun ray?


It is important that you do not exert yourself physically after the hair transplantation. It can be best if you stay in the shade for the first few days to protect your scalp and grafts.

Doctors advise you to avoid unnecessary movements during the first days. You may need to go out in the sun, and for this, we recommend you to wear a head covering.

If you are going to wear headwear for the first time after the transplant, it is important to consult with the experts. This is important because the wrong hats can also threaten the healing process.

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Headwear for sun protection


It is vital to have and wear the proper headwear. Improper headwear, such as too tight headwear, exerts pressure on the head and affects the healing process and growth of the grafts negatively.

If you sweat, you must be careful to drain the sweat. If you wear the wrong headwear and so-called sweat congestion occurs, this can lead to severe complications.

During the healing process, you should wear loose-fitting and very light hats. For a fast healing process, it is important that the air circulates in the transplanted area.


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When is sunbathing allowed after transplantation?


The following points are essential in order to be able to say precisely when sunbathing will be allowed again:

However, it can be said that sunbathing and direct sunlight for two weeks is an absolute no-no.

After the crusts and dead tissue have fallen off, it can be said that the grafts are now anchored. However, sunbathing and direct sunlight should be avoided for one month.

For a perfect final result, avoid direct sunlight!


It is significant to avoid direct sunlight and wear a head covering during the first two weeks of the healing process. It is important to wear headwear during the first two weeks, otherwise, there may be negative consequences.

It is crucial to be aware that the headwear must not be too tight, and the scalp must get enough air. Contact our experts to get one step closer to your dream. We are available for you round the clock!


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