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Hair transplant for women

Unwanted hair loss is not only a problem for men. Women also suffer from this problem. Although no pronounced receding hairline develops as in men, the hair in the area of the head becomes thinner and the hairline slips back. A high hairline is usually present from birth. This beauty problem in women often causes feelings of inferiority. It can cause them to withdraw from their circle of friends and depression can develop as a result. A hair transplant at Bank of Hair can eliminate this problem.

Hair transplantation for women

Women are less often affected by hormonal, constitutional hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, than men. The dihydrotestosterone hormone plays only a subordinate role in women. Reduced aromatase activity leads to low levels of estrogens. This causes the loss of hair to spread slowly from the middle parting towards the forehead and the hairline. Complete baldness rarely occurs.

Diffuse hair loss is associated with the formation of a high forehead. Circular hair loss is most often caused by autoimmune or metabolic diseases, such as diabetes or thyroid dysfunction, and stress. The immune system’s defense cells prevent new hair follicles from growing. Circular bald patches become visible all over the head. Scarring and injuries can also be the cause of hair loss…. There may also be other causes such as: Deficiency symptoms due to an unbalanced diet, metabolic diseases, hormonal fluctuations, intolerance of medication, stress.


When can a hair transplant be performed on women?

If there is hair loss of 50% and the hair is getting less and less, you are suitable for a hair transplant. Self-confidence is severely affected. As long as there is enough hair on other parts of the head for hair transplantation in women, the procedure can be performed. Before the operation, the concomitant disease and medications taken must be forwarded to the doctor.


What should be considered after a hair transplant for women?

If the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is used during the hair transplantation, the patient can return to their daily life after 2 days. Thanks to this method, there is no extensive bleeding or swelling. The punctiform scars heal quickly and are no longer visible after a short time. After a few days, you can start doing sports again. You will need to keep your hair moisturised with a nutrient solution spray for the first few weeks. After three weeks, it is possible to wash the transplanted hair with a special shampoo. After 12 months, the final result will be achieved: you will achieve your desired natural looking and thick hair. The hair transplanted by Bank of Hair will remain permanently. Your hair loss problem is solved for good.


How hair transplantation is done in women

In order to determine why the hair loss and bald patches on the head are increasing, the family doctor should first be contacted. A hair loss rate of 50-100 hairs a day corresponds to normal hair loss. If the number is over 100, one can speak of hair loss. After examining the scalp with a dermatoscope, the distribution pattern is recorded on the remaining hair. A plucking test is used to determine whether hair can be easily and painlessly detached from the scalp. If there is a genetic predisposition to hair loss, no remnants of hair follicles are visible. If remnants of hair follicles are still visible, it means that the hair will grow back after some time. A computer analyses the growth phases of the individual hairs with the help of a trichoscan. Thanks to a blood test, it is also clarified whether other possible causes, such as metabolic diseases and deficiency symptoms, need to be taken into consideration.
must be taken into account. Finally, the goal of the therapy is discussed. Different forms of hair loss require different therapeutic approaches.

Preparation with the right doctor

Hair transplant planning should be done by an experienced, responsible doctor. A responsible and experienced doctor should do the hair transplant planning. In Turkey, great emphasis is placed on experience and training for hair transplantation. After a consultation, possible follow-up surgeries and the right method for the transplant will be addressed. It is important to us that our clients are satisfied with the treatment and that they are happy with their hairstyle in the end. With the DHI method, small punctiform scars are created and these are not visible at the end. This results in an aesthetic appearance.


What is the hair quality like?

If hair loss occurs at an early age, more severe hair loss can be expected in the end. It is important for hair transplant planning to determine the inherited pattern of hair loss in family members. It is important for hair transplantation to determine the inherited pattern of hair loss in family members.If there are strong hair follicles to work with, nothing stands in the way of hair transplantation. Hair is only taken from regions that are not affected by the hair loss. To determine the number of grafts needed, hair transplantation in Turkey uses computer software to assist the doctor in planning the hair transplant.