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Hair transplantation in Istanbul: experiences

Hair loss is a widespread problem – and by no means only among men. Full hair is associated with aesthetics and youthfulness. Accordingly, those suffering hair loss get more disappointed when receding hairlines become noticeable or when the hair becomes thinner. Of course, the first step is to investigate the causes. In most cases, there are genetic reasons so that hair loss can only be stopped or reversed by expensive drugs with side effects or an operation. The latter is thus often the gentler, more promising, and in the long run also a more favorable alternative – mainly if the hair transplantation is accomplished in Istanbul, as experiences show. But what to look for when choosing the attending physician?


Hair transplantation in turkey: the advantages and disadvantages


Many of those affected are initially reluctant to undergo an operation in the form of hair implantation. The costs are very high in Germany. However, this fact does not mean that the affected person has to live with hair loss. Instead, in the past years, regular medical tourism developed in Turkey. Here are the world’s leading specialists in the field of hair transplantation, which offer the procedure at affordable prices. However, there is often a lack of trust in the doctors treating the patients. In many clinics, the patients are not treated exclusively by the doctor personally but a nurse or a technician treats them. Thus, the patient is left in the dark about who is actually performing the surgery and whether there is sufficient qualification for this procedure. When choosing the right clinic in Istanbul, the focus should be on personal treatment by the chief physician – at all times and during all activities, from hair removal to implanting the hair and piercing the receiving ducts.


Why treatment by the physician is so important.


The hair root is taken out during extraction, also called follicles or implants. These were later implanted into the set canals. Both steps should be done by the doctors because it is they that characterize a good hair transplant and determine the success of the procedure to a large extent. The result is considered good when a satisfactory density is achieved, especially in the hairline area and the corners of the hairline, and when the result of the transplantation looks natural. Furthermore, the hairline should correspond to the natural hairline of the patient. Lastly, the donor area, i.e., the area where the hair was taken, must not appear thinned out. Adjacent hair follicles must not be damaged during the procedure.

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Hair transplantation in istanbul: experiences


So far, there are no independent test reports and, therefore, no official test winner on the subject of hair transplantation in Turkey. Such testimonials are therefore important clues for those suffering from hair loss to choose the right doctor. Bank of Hair – Hair transplant Istanbul would like to support the patients with this choice in the best possible way and offer absolute transparency concerning the chief physician’s treatment. In the case of quality providers, the doctor personally takes over the complete treatment and thus operates on only one patient per day. Devran Yüksel, managing director of the agency Bank of Hair – Hair transplant Istanbul, additionally cares for his patients on-site and is available as a supervisor and contact person. About 400 patients decide each year for the service of the Bank of Hair. From planning and booking to the operation, accommodation and hotel, and aftercare, the service takes over the complete organization, making the trip and the stay as pleasant as possible for the patients. The experiences of these approximately 400 patients annually lead to a positive conclusion, which concerns, above all, the personal support as well as the authority of the treating physician. Although the costs are smaller than with a comparable procedure in Germany – despite travel expenses – nevertheless, the quality of the hair transplantation is in no way inferior to it. In fact, Turkish doctors are considered world leaders in this field.


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