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Why is it important to consider certain points before a hair transplant?

Some points are important to consider because they determine the final result. There should be a consultation with your doctor to perform a hair analysis. There are also points to consider before transplantation. Observing these points can allow the donor area (the area from which the grafts are taken) to regenerate more quickly. On the other hand, the hair roots of the transplanted areas can establish themselves optimally.

Hair transplant preparation – Talking to your doctor

A consultation with your doctor is very important. The medical history is a big part of the consultation as it gives clues about the treatment.

Before the hair transplant, you should inform your doctor in detail about the following points
inform your doctor:

  • Duration of hair loss – How long has your hair been falling out? Has it been a few months or even years?
  • Previous treatments – What treatments against hair loss have you already undergone? (Medication, sprays, foam)
  • Medical history – Do you have any concomitant diseases? Do you take medication or have allergic reactions to anything in particular?
  • Hair transplant – What do you expect from hair transplantation?


Planning the hair transplant – The hair analysis

Before planning hair transplantation, a hair analysis is important. Depending on the characteristics of your hair and the degree of hair loss, different procedures could be suggested. During the hair analysis, your hair is closely examined at the skull area. For example, the density of your hair in the donor area (mostly from the back and side of the head) is determined. The quality of your hair also plays an important role. Do you have thicker or thinner hair? Is your hair wavy, curly or straight? These are important aspects for the planning of the hair transplantation, as they can be used to determine the best individual treatment for you.

The hair analysis provides information about:
– Stage of hair loss
– Density of the hair
– hair structure
– Hair thickness